The following questions will help us place the right puppy with the right owner. Before making the choice, we hope you will agree that the puppy's welfare must be the foremost consideration when placing puppies in their new homes. Please answer the questionnaire completely and truthfully. We have the right to refuse anyone whom we feel not suitable or fit for one of our puppies or dogs.

Copy and paste then email your answers to:  




Home Address:

NO P.O. Boxes Excepted

Contact Phone:                                    


Why have you decided to buy an Amstaf?


What breeds of dogs have you owned in the past?


Do you currently own any other pets? If so, what are the ages of these pets, have they always lived with you?  Are these other pets spayed or neutered?  What sex are these pets?

Do you prefer a male or a female?                        Why?


Are you willing to take the puppy to obedience classes, as soon as the puppy is of age to do so?

What is the most important reason for purchasing an Amstafs?  (Please check all that apply to your situation)

            Family Companion                                             Show/Breed Potential                         

            Obedience competition                                    Agility/Fly Ball Competition                 

            Sledding/Weight Pulling                                   Pet Therapy


Do all members in your family want a new puppy?  Is everyone willing to help out?


Please describe your family to me.  Number of people, ages of children, is there usually someone home during the day?


Do you own your home or rent? (If you rent a letter from your landlord will be required stating the dog will be allowed in your home).


Is your yard completely fenced with secure fencing, if not, would you be willing to do so prior to bringing the puppy home? 


How will you be housing the puppy?  Dog run?  In the house?  Crate?


Where will the puppy be kept while you are away from home?  Where will the puppy be sleeping at night?


Have you thought about how you will housebreak the puppy?


Is there any obedience classes held in your area that you would be willing to attend?


Do you have a veterinarian?


If this puppy is purchased for any reason other than a show/breed prospect, do you agree to have it spayed or neutered no earlier than 1 year of age and submit to me a veterinarian certificate as proof of surgery for my records?


Have you bred dogs before?  If yes, please explain


Are you financially prepared for not only the cost of a puppy, but to have a veterinarian,  feed your puppy the best dog food, obedience classes, emergency surgeries, etc.?


When you are away on family vacations, who will look after the dog?


Where did you hear about us?


Do you understand the difference between a limited registration and a full registration?



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